Apple strudel

Apple chutney

Chilli apple sauce

Cinnamon apple jam

Preserved apples

Apple crumble. my mum always added a couple of cloves – I like her way!

Apple crumble 3 ways Jamie Oliver

Celeriac salad with pine nuts

Pumpkin and apple soup with chestnuts

Pecan, apple and celery stuffing

Apple cake

Apple crumble cookies

Apple leathers – my own concoction. Whizz and then lightly stew apples with lemon juice and a bit of honey (depends on type of. apple), cinnamon. If necessary add coconut flour to stop being too runny, they dry at 120c for 8 hours or more. I might add more spices like allspice and cloves to experiment. This did not really work – tasty but too squidgy! I will dry a little more and see what happens.

Apple chutney

Apple chutney spiced

Mango and apple chutney

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