Desperate to be liked (seems like a tory obsession!), Sunak has declared that he is on the side of motorists. Firstly I am not sure when it became a matter of sides, and he forgets that whilst 74% of adukts have a full driving licence, 100% of adults are pedestrians and there are 20 million bikes in the uk. I think Suna might need some maths lessons! Did he do a straw poll in Tory HQ or Tufton St and ask who loved Top Gear with Clarkson? he forgets that Johnson was behind many LTN’s in London, and in general once they are designated they become popular with residents. However there are motorists who rely on their car for their sexuality and believe they have the right to destroy others lifestyles – similar philosophies are used by off the roaders in National Parks. Ao it seems that Suna is appealing to the mind set of the ignorant and the selfish (his home ground).

I am sure that not all LTN’s have been well planned and wait for the Mail, Express and Telegraph to illustrate these errors in glorious irony!

Can we return to the 15 minute city concept please? Change of lifestyles is needed, not just LTN”s. With the reduced income from petrol tax the government will be forcedto look at pricing per mile, – with variable rates this would enhance the ability of councils to reduce traffic in certain areas. Just had a thought – wait for the squealing when petrol/diesel users have to pay both fuel tax and mileage tax! And this will be comong to your car soon!

Will the government really order the removal of LTN’s and open them up to cars?

And now Rishi has flown to Scotland to promite the sale of new exploration licences., The arguement that we will need oil/gas for decades is a good one, but new exploitation is not necessary, and in the future carbon capture is a possibility. Oil is also used to make plastics – another shit idea!

Positive thought – My village has about 1000 inhabitants – number of papers sold on week days -32 per day and falling. Most sales are to over 50’s.

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