Name one good thing the toroes have done in 13 years? Asked an Express/Telegraph reader this morning and was met by mumbling and no answer. Sunak’s latest plan is to divide and rule. He sys he will support the “car owners” – by definition this means he is anti-clean air. Personally i believe that the ULEZ zones are correct for health and quality of life, BUT need to be created with greater public consultation and exceptions, together with a generous scrappage scheme. Petrol heads still. get worked up about seat belts ad drink driving laws. They hate traffic calming and schemes that block rat runs and child friendly neighbourhoods.

Shapps is, after failing to find anything good to extol about the 13 years of tory misrule is now attacking with the intellect – of a tory actually (every animal species seems to have greater powers than people like Shapps). There will be blackouts under Labour is his latest infantile chant as he dribbles down his chest. Labour will have many problems die to the massive misrule by the Tories.

back to ULEZ – it is not if, but when.

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