Rhodes and Corfu continue to burn, USA and China have record temperatures, India has floods and high temperatures – and the right wing looneys supported by the RW trash press move to cut back on net zero. All because of ULEZ (which they introduced themselves into London) giving them a vague chance of retaining seats in the suburbs of London. ULEZ is about health rather than climate, although the two are inexcurably linked. We know the right wing extremists like JR-M & Co hate scientists and the facts – they prefer to believe the ones they conjure up themselves.

But FACT – global average temperature has been brokem this year.FACT – sea tea[peratures are te highest recorded, Heat waves in Europe are 2.5C hotter than normal, in USA 2C and China 1.5C hotter. These heatwaves will occir much more frequently as the temperature warms up.

The Greek navy has helped evacuate people from the beaches with 19000 displaced – where are the Brish Navy? Large numbers of British nationals are involved. The government has not even issued a don’t travel warning, leaving it to the travel companies and airlines who were flying people in last weekend despite the situation.

The arguments made by the loonies on the right are that a. Global warming is a natural phenomenon and we need to adapt to it (also the belief of the proponent if the GAIA philosophy); b. The climate crisis is a scam by governments and industries to rip people off (which they know ALL ABOUT!). c. Why should we act if China and the ISA do not? (a reasonably good point to a degree, but inaction makes us all complicit – we could become world leaders in the new technologies and then do a Tim Berniers-Smith and give it to the world for free?).

OK so I am an optimist and and naive and idealistic. Please Keir do not let me down!

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