Apparently 18 million Americans believe that violence is justified in returning Trump to the White House! Basically USA is a third world country with a veneer of respectability. A country with some of the most advanced technologies is also one which lacks the depth of democracy which runs thjrough most of Western Europe. I am aware of the growth of right wing parties in Germany, Netherlands, Italy and more, but they seem to adhere to democratic values at their core. Is religion at the base of this American lunacy? Total belief in the unproverable – it is clear that the belief, or not, in God is not open to scientific justification. This gives huge swathes of American society a justification in whatever fantasy they want to believe in. even when there is clear and incontraversal proof of something e.g. the geological time scale – millions of Americans totally belive that humans walked the earth with dinosaurs! A friend of mine refered to te USA as being like a huge experiment that had gone badly wrong.

Is it because the vast majority of Americans are descended from migrants (Ntive Americans excepted) who in the most part were fleeing from persecution or poverty (usually the result of persecution of the poor). Basically most were fleeing from, and had a total mistrust of authority. Power was for those who could grab it – hence the prevalensce of lynchings and gun law. The state is fundamentally distrusted by millions. The contradictions in their philosophy are unimportant as is their belief in god.

That they are trying to export this belief in the lunacy of the individual to the UK is of concern. The employment of grifters like JR-M, Wooton, Farage, Johnson, Dorries undermines our democracy

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