Data driven or having’ a laugh. The data is concerning. The plight of those unable to open businesses is concerning. The balance between the two is difficult.

How many people are clamouring to get back to low paid exploitative jobs? How many business people are complaining about their inability to make profits. And there is a shortage of staff? I do not understand this last bit. I know that the Brexit Fiasco has resulted in many Europeans going home, and The Home Office is toxic to immigrants – well done Patel. But I suspect that (That phrase basically means I have not got a clue – before you point it out). That means higher wages, and companies would say higher profits and prices. It does not have to be like that. Higher wages for the workers, and lower profits (but still profits). Remember that pension funds are the main investors and gainers from increased profits. Time of the general public to think about economics.

I know this is mega oversimplified, but interviews of pub landlords and restaurant owners are common, waiting staff and go for’s seemingly absent! It is up to the government to ensure that safety is paramount for staff (although I believe they are all now called colleagues!) and customers.

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