Weather has always been, and is, capricious, but record breaking temperatures in Western Canada and the USA, stretching up to the Arctic are of concern. It would be easy to quote global warming and climate change, but this might be too simplistic. Extreme weather events have happened throughout history. However it would be naive to ignore the nearly 50 degree centigrade temperatures. The high pressure is spreading across the North American continent bringing high temperatures across the Great Plains and into the Great Lakes region. Will, this impact on grain production?

I will do a weekly review of world weather in future. Basra reported 49C, whilst Bankok 36C, New York 35C and New Delhi 42C were also high. Looking for a cooler destination? Wellington 8C seems nice! So we have not had a great summer sun wise in Somerset this year so far, but the garden has been brilliant and I guess this is true for farmers? (Although they always moan!).

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