I am making my 4th visit of the year to a supermarket – no make that 6th. we were chatting and I suggested swapping shopping trolleys to see how we would get on. I think it was because I have never cooked dumplings in a stew.

So my shopping list is cheese (Cheddar xtra-strong, ricotta, mozzarella, feta), puff pastry, short crust pastry, capers, butter, yoghurt, fruit and veg to include onions, potatoes, tomatoes, mushroom, avocado, pineapple, melon, peppers, garlic, apple, – razors, Bird food!, OO flour, plain flour. Tomato sauce and salad cream and mayo. Fruit juice.

I get other things in bulk on line like toilet rolls, olives, meat I am cutting back on. And I have all the herbs and spices and dried beans.