What is it about cars that brings out the worst in people. 20mph speed limits are defaced in Wales, ULZ cameras destroyed in London. Do these people get angry about other injustices like energy bills, or rudeness? I suspect not! The car is an extension of their wrped ego, a counter to their hapless lives – presumably they do not have mortgages or decent jobs to put at risk? Do they care about the welfare of others – not a jot – they are the epitome of the “Mememememe” culture. Spain introduced a 30kph (19mph) limit on singla carriageway urban roads and has experiences a 13% fall in pedestrian deaths. I just wish drivers would not drive through my village at 50mph+ when there is a 30MPH speed limit. Estimates of the cost of slower travel seem ridiculous – travel in cities is usually below 20mph during the day anyhow – and putting the footdown on a suburban street to make up time is just plain stupid! Surely 20mph is enough on any street with houses and street lights? People and children live in those houses. Why should 100% of the population be dominated by a few mad petrolheads with character problems.

I would go further and introduce speed bumps where necessary, and chicanes too. Emergency services should be no more impeded than they are at present by illegal parking and thoughtless drivers.

I am not blameless – it can be difficult to get used to 20mph. And motorway driving is so boring, I have driven from Plymouth to Banwell in 90 minutes! The petrol gauge was visibly moving down! But here – why are trains so expensive – fares rising by 9% this year I believe? Cheaper to fly from Bristol to Türkiye to London than getting a train? And they are spending £106bn on HS2. Tube trains in London run every couple of minutes – can we not have a similar system across the UK? Doing away with ticket offices may be efficient but doing away with all staff on a station in an urban area, with no guard or ticket collectors on board the said train surely leads to a dystopian scenario – large machines (trains ) potentially populated by “banned car drivers – banned for vandalising speed limit signs and ULEZ cameras!).

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