Did he have a drink? Does Carrie always go to work meetings. Did he greet guests as they arrived – they were there for the start. Does he regret paying £150000 for redecoration of a flat he will soon have to vacate? Who else was there at the party?

Sycophants queued up to praise his non apology – Raab, Dorries, Truss, Chopes, Gove , Sleaze-Dogg, amongst others whilst Sunak seems to be keeping quiet?

Meanwhile court has deemed the VIP lane for PPE suppliers to be illegal. I wonder how many MP’s will be implicated? I wonder how many MP’s will have the guts to spill the beans on this, on the parties.

Finally if you tell me a lie, which I know to be a lie, and I then justify this lie in a public statement and deny the truth to journalists that surely makes me as guilty? On this logic most, if not all the Cabinet should resign. Can we have an opposition MP read out a list of their names, the topic and the date before calling them all liars. They will get suspended from the house for a day or two – but democracy and honesty would be vindicated.

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