Up at 5am to water garden and greenhouse, which I gave a soaking this morning. herbs are doing well, and whilst there are slugs about (hiding under the lips of big pots, etc.) they do not seem to be doing any damage at the moment – so I can live with that and hope for a hedgehog of song thrush to help out. Despite the weather only a few small white butterflies and one painted lady. Night scented stock and evening primrose are growing well but no great moth invasion. I have left some stinging nettles incase any would like to lay their eggs.

Some mints are going to flowers – as is my chives with beautiful purple flowers – pneaplle sage has a lovely red flower. I have moved some mints to the front, on the advice of Aaron, to encourage people to have a pinch and smell. Ginger mint, lemon balm, lime mint and a thyme at the moment. Maybe I ought to put the chocolate mint, after eight and a couple of others up there.

My aloe vera are flourishing, so might try to use some? Advice.

I went to make some greengage jam this morning but was out of lemons – how did that happen? I was also out of milk, juice, wine and pastry(I have not sussed pastry yet!). But now it is a bit too warm? Maybe wait until this evening. But then again I fancy salad for food today, but also a quiche? Maybe if I organise it I can do all the cooking within an hour?

And I am going to make a Vinaigrette roughly following the Felicity Cloake recipe : a pinch of salt; 1/2 tsp mustard; 1/2 tsp honey; 1tbs red wine vinegar; 1 tbs olive oil; 2tbs veg oil. Ok I will alter this with the addition of finely chopped basil for the tomato dressing; and maybe mint for a cucumber dressing.

10am and I have been up for 6 hours!

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