Not much to report today. EU row about vaccines continues – it will soon peter out as more vaccines get approved and come on stream. Numbers of new cases falling slowly but so are hospital cases, so good news. DVLA outbreak out to bring end to Transport Ministers career in cabinet! Has there ever been such a litany of incompetent decisions by government ministers (and no apologies or resignations).

Marcus Rashford receives hate social media – was it Boris?? Seriously something needs to be done to bring this to an end.

I found my hair trimmers at last (in the laundry basket – of course!). Durhh! But I have mowed my head.

I think I need to get cooking as I seem to be stocked up with everything! And also use up some of the stuff in the freezer.

Bloody magpie is hanging on to the bird feeder and guzzling it! Whilst I appreciate the initiative I would rather not feed corvid!

Weather forecast is wet for the next week or so, and not really warming up, but tomorrow is February and then March is spring. I have a very small red poppy that has flowered in the front!

Aghh – February means that Di’s nature notes for Feb will be online. I hope I do not get too much abuse for the wild area! I guess it could go both ways this summer – lots of flowers and more importantly insects, or just look like a tangle of weeds?

Car had a little condensation this morning – it was freezing, but worrying.

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