Lets have them here – with Covid people are reluctant to use public transport. And yes, public transport providers, you will need to adapt. So the Citroen Ami.

Would I get one? Possibly? I could hire something if I needed a bigger journey – summer holiday or whatever. Especially if the hire company had a parking/charging space!

We were talking this morning about how phones are at about their limits of capability – this could be the new frontier! Ok, not for knob obsessed petrol heads, but for the growing grey population like me a 2 seater is enough. Everything big can be delivered anyway. With solar panels would cost nothing to run. And at about £7 grand – I want one! The only worry is that 35kph max speed might cause a traffic problem if I drove into Bristol from here? Or maybe not – there are enough passing places, I am not sure people (lots of morons) have accepted that slower does not hurt!

I just checked out prices of car hire -£30 to whatever. But do the maths – having a car costs what £8 grand, tax and insurance at leats a grand with wear and tear. Maybe once or twice a year hire a car for say £500 for a week. No worries about breakdown. So that costs £1000, even double? But your Ami will cost you – lets guess at 5 years so £1200 a year, and virtually nothing for charging (great saving). Servicing should also be simple and cheap as there is little to check! That was messy! Normal car cost – at least £1000 a year, MOT £50, I would guess that insurance is much cheaper. petrol – depends how much you drive, but for most would become negligible.

The range given at 47 miles is a little concern. But charging up, in 3 hours no problem.

But basically I can drive to the shops I use, and get what I want, for virtually no cost! And at a cost of £7 grand – less than I paid for my present car- no brainer.

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