Although there was a nice breeze whilst watering the garden at 5 am. At least it is not as hot as Western North America, or as wet as central Western Europe has been or South Island, New Zealand. 320.000 residents of Yakutsk have been warned to stay indoors to avoid the thick toxic smoke from forest fires in this Siberian region. Zhengzhou is trying to recover from a record flood which inundated the subway system drowning at least 12. The rainfall broke hourly and daily 70 year data. Hurricane season in North Atlantic predicted to be less than last year (The weather channel), conflicting with earlier predictions).

Lots of cumulus humbles this afternoon. Met office predicts no rain until Saturday though.

Time for the nasty party to start a campaign against the loss of freedom which will be perceived with higher taxes on fossil fuels. Arguments about the economy and fear mongering will develop.

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