Chilly but not cold and as I don’t do the papers until 7.30 my first daylight start. Sunny now. Pruning the tree bit by bit as I can re-assess as I clear a bit. I think just a few more of the high rise vertical bits, then a think. n A few more bits to take from Apricot and we will see how it is in 6 weeks.

And what do with the trimmings? Stack them or dispose of them? Obviously I will stack them!

Tomato sauce is a tad sweet and vinegary, but maybe that is how it should be? I will certainly use it in pasta and bologeise.

Do I get more bulbs? Only a few are coming up from the 200 already planted. At £14 for 200 more it is worth it I guess? Just bought them! 8 different sorts, whatever. What else would be good?

Covid figures beginning to stabilise and fall a little. Hopefully we will see some big decreases over the next week. However I do not think the present restrictions will be relaxed until Easter – well of course they will as the need to make money will be upmost in the minds of the Tories. My feeling is that if we can vaccinate over 50’s and vulnerable, we would then be in a position to open pubs and restaurants, etc. on a piece meal basis – maybe on county or larger area chunks. We know the idiots will travel out of area, m but increase the fines as a deterrent. If we could achieve approx 40% vaccination I guess we could relax a bit. The 20-50 year group probably have a reasonably high immunity as many will have had it already.

I however will not radically change my present attitude, even if I feel a small prick! until the all numbers are down very low, and most people have been jabbed. Even then I suspect social distancing, etc. will be required and it will not be until next autumn when we see whether we have the beating of the virus. And remember it needs to be rolled out across the world to be totally effective.

Football – I think we are in the football transfer window? Could be interesting.

Premiership is now sort of divided into 2 or 3, but room for change still apparent, The title looks like a given for the North West. My prediction is MC, Liv.Chel.Manu. With Leic and Everton or Southampton pushing hard. Will Leeds fall away and be relegated? Will WBA revive?

Just got a yellow warning for rain for Weds.

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