It is time to go on the attack by the opposition parties. This time do it right – not a grubby attack on Sunak personally. Take the moral high ground and spell out just how conservative policies, like Sunak’s trousers have come up short. The material here is massive. The economy, environment, NHS, water quality, inflation, Covid, PPS, HoL, MP’s 2nd wages, education, electric cars, North Sea Oil, social care, migration, food prices, world status, Afghanistan, world trade deals, food quality. Adverts online and in the papers could be numbered so like football cards they cold be collected.

The tories would obviously claim that under Labour it would be worse – an argument easily rebuffed – 14 years tories = decline in all areas. Compare the starting positions – how much debt is there, what is inflation, how many food banks (larders), repossessions, etc. Come clean on Brexit.

Many tories have ridiculed themselves with crass comments – these could also feature in the Panini Style attack cards.

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