Gary Lineker was suspended from the BBC for comparing a speech to Germany in the 1930’s – This speech was worse in its use of provocative and divisive language.

I believe the true counter to her brand of racism is to open up a full and proper discussion about migration. By her provocative comments she manages to polarise the issue. Those who are rightly appalled by her rhetoric rush to defend migrants and asylum seekers. A better counter would be to debate the pro’s and con’s of migration in the 2020’s. We have an ageing population – many industries are reliant on migrants, the NHS and food producers to name 2 key ones. So how many, What age/gender? What qualification? etc. are the more pertinent questions rather than a diatribe against all immigrants.

She bemoaned the lack of integration into our society and the lack of English spoken. This government has cut funding for English Language courses. The better question would be How do we integrate these valued workers into our society more successfully?

She talked about a hurricane of migrants, a massive distortion of the truth. A better question would be What can we do to help reduce the need for people to flee their countries? Cutting the foreign aid budget was a very short sighted policy. Britain is the world’s second largest exporter of “defence” items. These are openly being used in Yemen and I suspect in many other conflicts. We were in the leading group of countries heading for net zero on climate change but seem to be losing that opportunity.

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