Time is running out. If a deal is reached there will inevitably be more red tape for trade, whether with Europe or anywhere. Unfortunately business’s do not know what this will entail. Chaos at the ports is likely. Even with a deal there will be new red tape, health checks, etc. I am sure the Daily Mail has already written the headlines blaming the EU for any and all problems. The problem is with those who voted to leave!

Why have deals not been done regarding crime and policing? And the same for education and science?

Brexiteers will be happy with new immigration controls – or will they? Universities will have fewer foreign students paying high fees, farms suffer labour shortages, NHS is still desperate for doctors and nurses (and care homes).

Food prices and possible shortages? Fresh food of which 40% comes from the EU may become subject to price rises (red tape costs) and shortages due to delays in ports.

Cars, planes and chemical industries are all expecting problems.

So am I being pessimistic? I don’t think so. We have left the EU. There will be more red tape. Deals with other countries are far and few between (and further away thinking about climate change). Any deal with the EU needs to be ratified by each country, and as we live in a democracy, by our parliament which has a limited number of sitting days before the Xmas break. Perhaps Johnson should move Dildo Harding to be in charge of the transition in January due to the world beating success of track and trace!

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