So the best thing that has happened to this country for years is a comment I have heard.

firstly lets note that the views of the 48%+ who voted against have ee totally ignored, without counting those who did not vote. So the minority are steamrolling changes through with no discussion, just political malice. So far we have a serious shortage of HGV drivers, a shortage of NHS staff, a shortage of hospitality industry staff, rising prices in the shops, an entertainment industry (worth £111 billion) that is getting little support, mobile phone roaming charges abroad, a disastrous fishing policy, lighting the flames of discontent in Northern Ireland . Economically and socially a disaster. Morally we have seen an increase in discrimination by the thicko’s. A trade policy with countries as far away as possible is being touted as the best thing since sliced bread (and look how that turned out!). Taking back control has transmogrified into giving complete control over everything to Westminster, and sod everyone else, especially the Scots and Welsh.

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