I am new to this game. But looking at a variety of recipes am I correct in thinking that butter, flour and sugar should be in approximately equal amounts. Obviously the type of each fat (olive oil), flour and sweetener (honey or alternative). can change. Then 3 eggs to 180g. Teaspoon of baking powder and or bicarb?. Oven at 170C.

Then if that is the base there is a topping which can obviously be anything but ideas are mascarpone or cream cheese for less sweet option. Vanilla extract, rosewater, orange and lemon zest. basically these recipes seem like my cookie recipes without the oats. Being xmas I tend to add nutmeg and cinnamon and ginger.

Baked apricots with lemon verbena.

500g apricots halved and stoned: Handful of lemon verbena leaves Left to infuse in 700ml boiling water for 10minutes. 3 tbs honey, 1 star anise and one vanilla pod (if you can afford one!). Pour over apricots and spice and then bake for 40 mins at 180C. Cool, chill and serve with cream or yogurt.

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