I have asked my family not to try killing me this xmas by staying away. But then I thought of a virtual Xmas dinner. Who would I invite? What would I cook? Etc.

Well – Place number one is taken.

Place 2 – I think Chris Packham would be interesting. I know I would not agree with everything he said so that would be good.

Place 3 – A comedian like Katherine Ryan – intelligent and provocative verbally.

Place 4 – Eleanor of Aquitaine – to have been queen of both France and England must have been cool.

Place 5 – Gary Lineker or Marcus Rashford – guys with opinions.

Place 6 – Lisa Casey as I like the Irish accent, and attitude, maybe I will stick with Siri.

Place 7 – I was thinking Stephen Fry – but maybe too clever? Alan Davies seems self-depreciating and funny.

I hope Eleanor of Aquitaine is not feeling isolated, maybe I need some more historical figures. Or maybe Kate Moss as she must have lots of stories to tell! Darwin is another suggestion, or Captain Cook?

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