Floods across Central Europe – where rainfall has smashed previous records (95mm to 154mm in Koln). Canada and West USA braced for more record temperatures and associated fires. And the hurricane season has not really got going yet. And of course records from other parts of the world are hardly reported.

1mm rain = 1 litre of rainfall per square metre. An interesting statistic that I looked up after hearing that parts of Germany received 148 litres per square metre in a 48 hour period. Being a gardener (I would not say keen!) I am aware of how much a 5 litre watering can do. This is a bit like the comments about ‘half the size of Wales’ – but I have 5 big pots of mint and probably water them with a litre each every day or so. That rainfall was like about me pouring 30 cans over them in 2 days! What was the point of the last few sentences – none really, but as no one else reads this it does not matter!

4 thousand km2 burning in 71 wildfires. The largest are creating pyrocumulonimbus clouds (hail, lightning and tornadoes). It really does seem as if the earth has had enough of our nasty habits. The Amazon is now in oxygen deficit due to clearing by fire for farming under the policies of their bozo president.

And the UK – will have a relatively minor heat wave for the next few days. This weather can always set of thunderstorms and localised flooding events. It all depends where these are. Sorry, but I am cynical. It depends on where it its. If it is an area with crowded housing or people below the £1 million threshold there will be much hand wringing, and bleating about support and help, but basically nothing will be done to change the land use that creates the problem (especially if a grouse moor). If only the floods could hit Henley or Sandbanks, I am sure stronger action would be taken. I suppose the rich mostly built their houses on hills so they could look down on the peasants! Certainly true of Clifton within Bristol and the owners mansions overlooking the harbour.

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