Get up in the morning and switch the heating on and it takes a while to get warm; Turn the heating off and it takes time to get cold. At the moment with all heaters on across the globe there is no chance of the planet cooling down to normal for a few years, maybe decades. That means more climatic disasters from floods, droughts, heat waves, hurricanes, typhoons, cyclones, williewillies (Australia), typhoons. But more seriously the ecological disasters wrought by changing climatic parameters and the impact on biodiversity.

So unlike normal political meetings there should be no compromise. Countries that do not commit and act to reduce climate change should be ostracised. No trade deals if necessary with Brazil, China, USA, Poland, Saudi Arabia, etc. All can naff off.

It is easy to say that because others are polluting and making money we should too. Apart from the morality of that view, it is also wrong. If we create new sustainable ways of living, not only will we be better off, but will be able to help others. Notice I did not say make money – the future has to be about quality not quantity!

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