Well my rant below has already been nullified with an email stating new delivery date of 11 Ju8ne. This is OK as we have had a very peculiar weather year so far.

I sent Suttons a very polite email regarding plants that they said would be dispatched on 24 May.

**Auto Acknowledgment**

Dear Customer,

Thank you for your email. 

Due to an increased demand for Gardening related products, we are receiving a higher volume of emails than expected. We are working extremely hard to reply as quickly as possible and anticipate responding to your message within 9 days.

Thank you for your patience.With best regards,
Customer Care Team

9 Days!And I did not know they did non gardening related products!  I do not like being critical, but surely they should look at employing a couple more staff?  
But when I looked they have been bought out, firstly by Thompson and Morgan, and then by a private equity group (AKA asset strippers), And then when I ask other questions about their finance I get 20% come up in search box.  But I got there eventually.  They are owned by BVG Group who own just about everything garden related – but obviously do  not employ enough people to answer genuine emails. Must be counting their profits!

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