There is a growing sense that this government is consciously trashing the UK. WHETHER it is to screw Labour when they take over, or just for financial gain for themselves remains to be seen. The latest immigration policy makes no sense economically and is morally oh so wrong. Workers whom we desperately need, will have to pay large amounts to come here, then have to pay for any NHS treatment they need, will not be allowed to bring partners or children. Hospitality centres like restaurants will have to guarantee wages of £38.700 – a hike of £12.500 so we will see them close. As migrants have been proven too be net contributors to the economy, this will take a significant hit. Universities which suffered from a loss of EU funding and tried to replace it with foreign students will close courses. Society will be depleted. At the same time the Telegraph was running an article condemning those who cut their hours and put work to live ahead of live to work.

It fits in with the scenario explained by James O’Bien today “a company boss takes an employee outside to show them his new Ferrari “If you work hard and graft for the next year ” he says -” I can buy another one!”

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