Maz. Mart and Tams. Sorry! I tried to cook with fresh veg. etc. but basically has one recipe! Mince with onions and tomatoes as spaghetti bol or shepherds pie. I did get pizza sussed eventually, but not much else. Many crappy meals since Banwell have been spoilt because I did not understand that the oven needed to be hot before putting stuff in!

But today I am writing my own recipes! My first. But these ones are ace

First up – Tagliatelle – I have a pasta making machine, and basil and parsley on the window cill looking like they might want to give winter a miss! I am also not good at amounts as it depends who you are cooking for?

I think most of my recipes have always started the same way with chopped onion cooked slowly to caramelise. I am still unsure when to add garlic? I will look up and amend this.

Add chopped tomatoes, chopped red peppers (or green or yellow ones – make a rainbow!), and sweat a bit. Here I add a few sun dried tomatoes for their flavour, and maybe some sun dried peppers. I like to add dried mushrooms for extra depth of flavour, and a tad of salt. In this vegetarian version I also add a tbsp of marmite or vegemite (Aussie mates). So that is a basic full flavour sauce. Add chopped basil, parsley and some parmesan cheese to taste. Can be zapped up a bit with chilli. I like pepper on most dishes too. nd personally would probably add some cheddar as I am a cheese addict.

Oh, I missed the tagliatelle – make it yourself, 100g to 1 egg and a splash of olive oil. Delicious! I have yet to experiment with this – herbs, spinach, spices? Has anyone tried hot spaghetti?

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