Numbers creeping up in Cornwall, Devon and North Somerset, but down in Dorset and Hampshire. Can we relax yet? Have I got an anxiety syndrome? Numbers are still very low and have been lower than 3 per 10000 (approx pop of the 6 villages) for the last couple of months. I have not had the second jab yet. So the anxiety is the dichotomy between being desperate to see grandchildren again; and not wanting to throw away the last 15 months of being sensible. I think I confused T by offering her to stay here, whilst being reluctant to go down to C.

I know others who are like me – not paranoid about relaxing, but very wary, and in a way institutionalised to the isolation (this seems to be something that affects single people, rather than those with families living in the same house). 95% safety is not 100% and thus the need to be sensible remains, regardless of the government edicts/advice/etc. as they have shown themselves to be intellectually benefit and morally bankrupt. On top of incompetence and sleaze.

There still seems to be a lack of direction and enforcement at all levels. So I am confused! (Even more than usual). I am confident to meet with family, albeit with distance and windows. But there is still a but … but I do not know what the but is? I am 99% confident to go to Waitrose again, but only do so when it becomes important for me to get (actually it is to show I I can).

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