Obviously this inquiry is overshadowed by the events in the Middle East. But the brief bits I have copied below means that when Johnson appears before the inquiry the spparks should fly! As many suspected at the time we had a government without a clue and driven by ideolical dogma rather than science. It is worth noting that Truss, Coffrey,, Sunak (resigned in2022) Jenrick, Shapps, Barclay, Raab, Cleverly, Gove were all part of the shambles. I wonder what their WhatsApp will reveal together with Hancocks. The government already trailing Labour by 23 points in opinion polls will not be looking forward to the appearance before the Inquiry of these figures. Sunak in particular gets a bit flustered when interrogated. Johnson will hope to btrazen it out with carefully scripted sound bites until he goes off on one! His political career seems to be over anyway, although the remaining party faithful who have not died still prefer him to Sunak, Truss or basically anyone else as they believe he is the only one who can win an election! Johnson and Sunak may try to claim that they were not guilty ofthe partygate scandal, despite having paid the fines.

WhatsApp messages from 2020 released by the Covid inquiry have revealed senior civil servant Simon Case complaining about the influence of Carrie, the partner of then-PM Boris Johnson.In exchanges with a Downing Street adviser at the time, Dominic Cummings, Mr Case jokes that Mrs Johnson was “the real person in charge”.In a later text Mr Case also says the government looks like a “tragic joke”.The messages came as the Covid inquiry heard evidence on political governance.The screenshot of the WhatsApp group chat from autumn 2020, provided by Mr Cummings, was displayed on screen during a session in which the senior lawyer for the inquiry, Hugo Keith KC, was drawing attention to what he called “dysfunctionality” at the heart of government.

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