It is hard to find anything that this government has not broken. Here we are not talking just about the NHS, education, social care, mental health, migration, legal system, police, to name just some areas, oh, and water (that is a real shitshow!), but also the very fabric of society. Words like empathy have been replaced with wokism. Not content with breaking our whole society they are determined to smash it into ever smaller pieces. All this is aided by the trash press -this must be a definite target for the next government. An example today – Gary Lineker was being interviewed with the founder of River Cottage about diet and he mentioned the need to educate children in school on how to cook. The Mail stated that he blamed the government – a blatent lie – in an attempt to undermine him. I do hope his lawyers are examiningbthe article carefully.

In some ways I wonder if Trump’s phrase “we need to drain the swamp” might be appropriate when refering to Whitehall and the civil service? To what extent are the civil service complict in the degradation of standards of public service? Stories emiting from the dip and Home Office seem.to indicate that the rot is not just the head of the fish, but permeates through the whole body of Government. It is not the colour of the lanyards that is the problem but the lack of humanity that is the problem. The lack of empathy is a trait of fascism and seems to be a requirement of government (and perhaps the public school system). It is certainly becoming a common element of the white middle class society which runs not only politics and business but the media and entertainemnt industries (todays report emphasises this.

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