Why is the announcement about the future timetable for Covid restrictions being held at 6pm? It clashes with the Slovakia Poland game – perhaps he has put them on a new list?

The cabinet meeting was last night and with more leaks than a colander it has already been suggested that removing all restrictions will not happen for at least 5 weeks. Is it to give the Tory press time to concoct excuses to their readership whom they have been extorting to get out and party for the past month? Is it to protect the inadequate members of the Cabinet (just about all of them) from requests for media interviews, until they have had time to learn their lines. Lines that will deny that this is a prolonged lockdown and that really this is just another excuse to enjoy the sunshine.

Also bleating are business owners who claim to have spent thousands on preparations to open next week. Well all fool them, they had only to follow the stats and listenn to the experts to know that it was not looking good. Oh well, they probably do not believe the experts (as told not to by Johnson and Gove during the Brexit campaign).

And whilst on politics – what was Johnson doing taking his offspring to a meeting of world leaders? They must’ve been well pissed off at having to smile at Wilfred all the time. Maybe it was a diversionary tactic by Johnson to reduce opportunities to raise discussions about Brexit and Northern Ireland. None of the other leaders seemed to have brought their offspring along. There also seems to be a move to put Carrie at the centre of government as Trump did with his family. She should take a good look at how Melissa Obama did the second lady bit with aplomb and class. Perhaps she could set up and run a food bank, or grow some veg at number 10?

Incidentally where will Government Ministers be holidaying this year? Morally none of them should travel outside the UK

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