Are they on drugs or just pissed? This one from Robert Jenrick (who is actually the Minister for Immigration – not just an out of control MP), is making me question the quality of reporting in the Guardian. To quote McEnroe “You cannot be serious”!

Families should have more children so they could look after ageing parents! he is obviously delerious, what % of children live within 50 miles of their parents? What % of old people have children who are not in full time employment? He goes further and says we should cut care visa’s for migrants to force this issue. He also suggested cutting the number of students to free up accomodation near Universities.

Basically he was appealing to the right wing who would see women staying at home looking after old and young for nothing, aspirations for a university degree only available for the rich. What a dinosaur?

Typical though! No plan for coping with a falling birth rate and a growing number of older citizens.

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