The City of London Remberancer who sits in the under-gallery of the House of Commons as a parliamentary agent with the permission of the Speaker – who has debatable influence?

The Queen has lobbied the government to change legislation that affects or reveals her personal wealth. The Guardian’s David Pegg tells Anushka Asthana about a paper trail that shows how more than 1,000 laws have been vetted by the Queen or Prince Charles through a secretive procedure before they were approved by parliament. These laws include everything from social security, pensions, race relations and food policy through to obscure rules on car parking charges and hovercraft. But they also include draft laws that affected the Queen’s personal property such as her private estates in Balmoral and Sandringham – and anything involving the nature of her wealth, estimated to run into the hundreds of millions of pounds.

The Queen is likely to be able to make hundreds of £millions from licences for offshore wind. The Crown estate benefits but the treasury then decides how much to take!

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