Sometimes it is hard, but good to listen. This what I did this morning talking about Covid to a staunch Tory. “The government are doing a brilliant job in an ever changing situation”. “The high rates in Congresbury are due probably to a travellers camp”. Please forgive me for not arguing back. I basically taken aback, and wanted to here more from how many people think. Reader of the Telegraph, he went on to state that the press has a lot to be blamed for! Presumably not the Telegraph! (Or the Mail, or the Sun, Express, Western Daily Press. So it must all be down to the Guardian, Mirror and iDaily (all minority reads!).

I did not point out the fluctuating situation was largely a result of ineffective government!

Or that Westbury-on-Trim was the highest in Bristol – presumably because of the …. high number of servants????

And I was thinking! If test, track and trace contact someone, presumably they can see if that stops that particular pathway for the virus. But there are others who are tested but not tracked immediately – but presumably their contact reappears in later cases. How many prosecutions have there been? I am not suggesting a police state here – people who have to isolate should be made financially secure to do so. How many cab/Uber drivers have spread the virus inadvertently due to economic necessity.

And sad but true – pubs have been shutting down for a few years – this crisis might increase the rate. But hopefully there will be some innovation so not all turn into housing/flats, but into local hubs. Surely a potential now that more people are likely to work from home, but would still like to meet another human being at lunch or other times. If I had money I would start a chain of licensed cafe/work spaces in villages/local areas. Bike racks outside, wifi, cafe, craft type shop, conference room for hire, rooms that could be rented for offices instead of having to work from home. I think I first floated this idea about 20 years ago when The Ship in Banwell was up for sale.

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