Domestic bits

Dry again, cold but no frost. Washing on line. Pineapple, rum, coconut thing made. Greek Basil seeds ordered from Jekka with pot marigold, anise hyssop, lemon balm and garlic chives. I think basil, marigold balm and chives need to go into 50cm long trays? Marigold maybe in pots for patio. When the seeds arrive I will have a new planting session as the night scented stock and sunflowers should be big enough to plant out.

Plan to label all spices and herbs has not worked as I have lots of others and like harissa, and do not have some of the more common ones in dried form as I have fresh (Thyme, rosemary, sage). So I am having a plan B! Not sure what this is yet!

I must lend the yogurt maker out to Kate.

Choose 2 more shirts for hanging baskets! I think I have ordered plants for them, but might get a couple to start them off next time I go to Banwell Garden Centre. I will also look out for salvia plants as they attract the bees, but really I do not need anything! Holly is going to help me decide what to transplant and what to sell?

I need to put ginger mint in a pot and the lemon balm – not sure where to stick them – front or back? I think ginger mint in reasonably big pot in front somewhere, then maybe the same with the lemon balm (I think it is a mint anyway)? I had better check to see I have enough plant pots after the fire!

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