I blame RoseMarie for this. But how could I make my house here into my ideal?

I know I am a bit different – that’s why I identify with minorities, but whatever. The question is how could I make my house right for me? I did not design it, I was not consulted on what a house should look like, or be like.

I think my ideal house would be mainly kitchen with a large wooden table and an aga style cooker/oven.
I just had a thought!  I could get rid of the gas fire near my table and put an aga in. No the room is not wide enough for a table, but the present kitchen could just have a round table and chairs and then I would have 4m of shelving opposite the aga, with a work surface to die for, and the sink could be moved to where a book shelf is now (would I need planning permission for a new window?

The kitchen would have a mix of practical kitchen chairs and a few with arm rests. The corners would have books – lots of cookbooks but others too. I guess the dishwasher might fit under the new sink? Big fridge in kitchen part near steps. The old kitchen would have 3 corner units for utensils if there was not room under the kitchen units, but better to have a lemon/lime tree in the corner.,

I guess the floor would need something new – ideas? The gas boiler would have to go, but would I need a heat pump.

Then I would still have a lounge area with TV, conservatory, and 3 bedrooms and bathroom – they are the next to think about!

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