Obviously not a science but several things have been pointed out recently. First that giving public sector workers a 10% pay rise would have little effect on inflation as the cost of teachers, nurses, doctors, etc. are not passed on.

The second was new to me, and is verified by Bank Of England documents. That is that if the extra money printed is used to increase productivity and health it is not inflationary. I admit that I do not understand the printing money bit! But it would seem, if the 2 pieces of information are true, that a new government could invest in the NHS and education, new green infrastructure and projects without it being inflationary. Maybe Starmer understands this, and also realises that it is beyond the comprehension of many voters (especially the older, no university education, ones!). Abolishing the 2 child benefit would produce no discernable benefit to society. Increasing child nursery places would.

Just folding the dough to make baguettes!

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