A considered answer. I think I have this right.

In January students at all secondary schools will have a staggered return (apart from Years 11 and 13 and the children of key workers and ‘at risk students’ (there is probably a better title for them, but they must feel shit to be in that group whatever the label). All or some of the students will be given a test (which is about 50% accurate) by persons unknown. Oh and this is a good news story as stated by Gibbs; as long as all the negative aspects about it are ignored! DfE’s civil servants have been offered £1000 to work over Christmas. But none for teachers! No pay, no play should be the motto. The first day/week back will therefore be chaotic. Will the tests be in school, who should administer them? Will heads allow unverified volunteers onto school sites?

On a superficial level suitable for readers of the Express, Mail and Sun it is a brilliant idea – mass testing at last, and being stopped by snowflake left wing whingers! They will ignore the facts – unworkable at such short notice, not practical without education about what a negative result means (possibly negative), not necessary in some areas. Basically they are admitting that TTTI has been a billion pound failure!

All this is not hindsight – I have posted similar posts for months!

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