So the tories have spelt out their tactics for the upcoming election. The underlying tactic seems to be fear. Fear of the millions of refugees who want to come here resulting in the paving over of the Britsih countryside with flats for them, Fear of net zero with the figure of the cost being £15000 per household. Fear of 15 minute cities with permits being issued to enter shopping areas. Fear that Labour will give the Falklands to Argentina (who cares?).

No mention of the wasted £billions of the last 13 years; no mention of spiraling water and sewage bills, no mention of policies to curb traffic congestion. No lie is too ridiculous to be spouted and then supported by other Cabinet Ministers. No conspiracy theory so unplausable to be used if it will win a few votes.

They talk of Sunak “resetting” Conservative Policy – why is this needed? Beacuse the last 13 years have been a disaster. No bragging of what they have achieved – Sunak attempted to say education(based purely on OFSTED inspections) but was not interogated on the numbers missing from school since Covid, or the numbers of crumbling schools.

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