In the last week 43.2% of our electricity has come from renewables. That is 43.2% that would have come from fossil fuels. We know that we cannot nip down to B&Q and pick up some solar panels and a couple of wind turbines. But maybe that is what we should be aiming for! We need to incentivise small scale production on a massive scale to meet the demand for electric transport and space heating in our homes. Governments are too much in awe of the mighty corporations. Economies of scale do not always work out cheaper for the consumer or the environment. Huge contracts handed out to the corporations are often then sub-contracted down the supply chasin with each firm taking a slice. Big can be beautiful but often its not!

With the possibility of a collapse in the Gulf Stream/North Atlantic Drift insulation of homes and workplaces will be essential as extremes of temperature become ever more prevalent. Yes life style changes will need to be made – but this takes time too. Supermarket deliveries could be prioritised by areas to increase efficiency andf allow a discount. Local shops offered a discount on council tax. Pubs could be converted into work places with flexible office space, and meeting rooms whilst still offering food and drink? Aviation fuel should be taxed at normal rate – how can it be cheaper to get to Newcastle by flying via Turkey, than by train (as a friend discvovered recently)PS. It might not have been Newcastle – but was mainline UK! I am sure there are lots of other ideas. New housing should become a public debate – not a closed deal between developers and the planning department.

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