With no policies and no clue Shapps tries the culture war thinbg on Labour stating that they are funded by “Just stop oil”. Whilst this is a blatant lie that any 10 year old would spot, it goers down well with the deranged readers of the media trash. Already they have claimed that supporting green energy would add hundreds to energy bills. Tjey never mention the cost of not supporting it. The UK is one of the most gas reliant countries in Europe and therefore one of the most susceptable to price fluctuations (and we have seen how the free market for mortgages has impacted on many). Allowing easier planning for onshore wind would be an immediate benefit.

All new housing should be fitted with south facing solar panels and double insolation.

All urban areas should have a tree planting policy to amealorate future temperature fluctuations. Water companies should provide discounts for water butts, car parks should be latticed to encourage infiltration, and where appropriate be covered with solar panels.

And I repeat my call for news programmes to include a section on the climate crisis and daily updates on proportion of green energy produced every day. How aboutr a “Tomorrow’s Green World” similar to the 1970’s innovation programme.

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