OK, let me start off by saying that I know nothing about farming (well a smidgen, it involves growing plants and animals to feed and cloth us). Actually it is this smidgen that I want to expand.

Farming since the introduction of the EU Common Agricultural Policy would seem to have been tremendously successful. No shortages in the shops, reasonably stable prices. But the environmental cost cannot be offset by set aside and other environmental schemes.

This is ridiculous. It is like asking 10% of people to walk/cycle whilst everyone else pollutes the air, and expecting them to thrive. So Johnson stop the political games with farms. Let us have a policy which ensures sustainability for the crops/animals and the wildlife; for the whole countryside. Too many species are seeing reductions by huge %’s – some might be due to global warming (and here again farming plays its part) – but I suspect most is down to farming practises?

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