The more detail that comes ot the more horrific the actions of Hamas are. there is much talk about propotionality of the response. I totally understand Israels desire for revenge and to inflict a major defeat on Hamas, even if that means huge civilian casualties. However the Israeli government need to be careful of the long term impact of any over reaction. Hamas has no regard for human life – so it is necessaryto work out their motivation. Those who invaded Israel were suicide terrorists. Did the famed Israeli secret service actually turn a blind eye for political/military objectives?

So flags! I am unsettled by us putting the Israeli flag on 10 Downing Street and the demand for Wmbley to light up its arch with Israeli colours. Firstly is is copying those in Europe who have more erason to express there solidarity with Jews. Secondly it is more than a bit NAFF! And thirdly, does it set a precedent? Should we display Ukrainian flags everytime Russia bombs. What about support for the Rohingya people in Burma, the Uyghur in China. Perhaps a better idea would be to fly the UN flag?

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