My idea for Xmas is online now
I have not put names in as it will be easier if you create your own column – otherwise latecomers will be scrolling left and right like at Wimbledon.  I can see no reason for not having more than one go, or opening it out to others – £5 a go.  If you fill in before Xmas, which I will, you can change upto Midnight at the end of the year, which I will also do.  Moneys to me or Aaron at Sandford Stores.  
40  points for correct answers, 20 for 2nd and 10 for 3rd.  Although most of the answers will be down to between 2 and 4 options I do not think any are ‘sorted’ so about 60000 options ‘if just 3 options in each category!”  Or is it down to skill and knowledge?

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