This weeks game for bragging rights has last weeks winner, Maz, going high for total number of goals (like me), whilst Adam and Andy Logan are being more realistic! The average from the results earlier this week would indicate an expected 40 goal total so I reckon me and Maz might have got over optimistic! 8 of the 14 matches have a unanimous agreement on the result. And the FA cup continues, look out for Jersey Bulls, Sporting Khalsa, Runcorn Linnets, Hartley Wintney, warrington Rylands and Oxhey Jets amongst others!

World Cupmeadamerinmazrichmartaaronkateandyjohngaraeth
Ireland v Azerbaijan2-11-02-03-11-02-02-02-01-03-03-0
Ukraine v France1-30-21-30-40-41-40-12-20-12-21-2
Faroe Is v Denmark0-30-20-21-50-30-30-30-40-50-60-6
Scotland v Macedonia2-11-01-01-13-12-12-01-01-02-13-1
Latvia v Norway1-30-21-21-31-20-11-20-00-10-30-2
Gibraltar v Turkey1-50-30-10-20-40-31-30-30-21-40-4
Holland v Montenegro5-14-03-04-25-03-03-12-03-06-04-0
Iceland v N.Macedonia3-11-11-02-42-11-11-11-02-12-03-0
Germany v Armenia6-03-03-05-28-04-03-04-04-03-24-0
Spain v Georgia6-03-03-15-26-03-13-05-03-06-05-0
Switz v Italy3-22-02-13-53-20-31-21-20-20-11-2
Belarus v Wales1-10-21-22-40-42-20-20-20-01-10-6
Belgium v Czech Rep4-13-02-13-23-03-12-10-01-03-13-2
England v Andorra8-04-03-04-29-07-04-07-06-04-00-4
Total goals scored6534367362483939335845
Total sending offs413242130

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