I am of course refering to the government. Sunak says that stopping small boats is THE major concern facing the country. No you imbecile – it is the cost of living; climate change; heating costs; housing costs; decline of public services; a society where Bronson Batersby can die of starvation; strikes; a government aiding and abetting genocide in Gaza; and a general lack of honesty in public life. The list of what is more important than 25000 poor souls risking their lives to claim asylum (75% successfully) is endless. Personally I would include this weekends football results as being of greater importance.

Sunak claims that the numbers are down and includes this an achievement, as he does inflation figures (which rose last month!). What we need is honest debate rather than political rhetoric. People are actually concerned regarding migration per se, rather than the possibly 10000 failed asylum claims. This needs an honest conversation rather than slogan weilding ignorance. There are over 7 million people on the NHS waiting list. This needs an increase in doctors and nurses, we need more police and teachers and social workers, at least 100000 social care workers. These are concerns that a sensible government would face up to and deal with.

When a politician states that their policy is the “will of the people” we know that they have lost the argument.

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