Thank you Martin for the strimming, and Holly for relieving me of parental responsibilities for quite a few plants. A little space on the table, and I will plant out salvia and marigolds in front now there is space. I will also dig out some of the former mint bed to make room for the 3 x sage (tangerine, pineapple and blackcurrant) and 3 x thyme (Doone valley, wild creeping, golden lemon) plants that I have ordered. Also keeping on top of the mown bits so that I can plant the 6 different lavenders once they are big enough.

All mints looking good- so just pennyroyal to go into former mint bit. And a couple more to look out for. Black Mitchum and Lavender, possibly orange and Tashkent?

I am also noticing the difference between the mints. Definitely an opportunity to do a connoisseurs bit! Cocktails, fruit cocktails, potatoes, tomatoes, chick peas, lentils, lamb, teas, list is endless, as in the supply of mint!

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