It is greatbthat there is a cease fire and hostages will be released. This is not a but, more of a ‘I don’t understand’!

Israel has spent weeks bombing the shit out ofbthe area and last week invaded by land. Yet now they agree to a ceasefire. Ok so the Americans may have put pressure on them after 11000 deaths (at least half woman and children). Have Hamas defences proven to be more capable than predicted? Presumably the Israeli’s would have continued if their actions looked like succeeding? What does this mean for politicans who have supported Israels right to defend itself by bombing the crap out of civilians and depriving them of food and water? Palestinian prisoners are being released to the West Bank – how will they be protected here?

After a 4 day ceasefire what will have changed? Both sides will have regrouped. There needs to be a mandate for a long term solution. How will Gaza be rebuilt?

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