Fascinating stuff. Apparently the first deaths in Europe were just 4 weeks after the first in Asia and then another 2 weeks to get to USA and another 2 to Africa.

I know we should be careful regarding the statistics for some African countries, but there does seem to have been an absence of the devastation caused in e.g. New York; Manaus, Brazil and Peru where bodies were stacked up. Why this should be is a puzzle? Why should countries with advanced medical services struggle most? Is it a societal thing – the ‘Robin Hood Syndrome’. There is probably more interaction between individuals in the west? But surely not true for the Far East? (e.g.Japan). I guess the reasons for differences between countries will be studied for years!

Minority groups, whether strict Jews in Israel or BAME communities in this country have certain things in common. Firstly they have a higher death rate from Covid (social and economic reasons?), and they are less likely to take up the vaccines offered. T~his last one is more difficult to understand – especially when we read of health workers refusing the vaccine. What is it, no I will start that sentence again, How sad that these communities have so lost faith in the government.

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