Largest local employer is NOT closing – the local paper headline of urban myth, supposedly used to drum up sales. Much of Sunaks green announcement was in the same vein. Ploicies that have never been policies would be dropped. much of what actually was policy and has been dropped will harm the public in the long run -but he does not care about future planing. Covid in particular showed that the government could pull off reactive policies rather than proactive ones – the proactive ones like lock down is seen as unpopular.

Even 6he motor companies were horrified at his back tracking on electric cars (victory for the ERG and Mail, Express and Telegraph. They have been investing in new plant and are now uncertain of the time scale. Yesterday also saw the publication of air quality across Europe, with the countries of Eastern Europe having exceptionally poor air quality. The UK in general is better than many as it should be with the clean air off the Atlantic for much of the time – however cities and the South =-East are below WHO safe levels.

The human race is generally averse to change, the Chinese curse “may your life be interesting” comes to mind. And the boring refrain of old people “It never did me any harm” when refering back to pre-progress advances in any aspect of life (lack of central heating, physical punishment, lack of holidays, etc.).

And despite being conned daily by the advertising industry to make unnecessary purchases the public, in general, have short arms and deep pockets when it comes to expenditure. So a Tory announcement that their policy changes would cut their bills is seen as a no brainer politically. Combine this with the false information put outon social media, and it seems like a win-win situation for tricky Rishi. However we can be thankful for the huge number of cock-ups by government over that few years (months and weeks more like) – much of the public is now sceptical about the motives of the brats from Eton and Oxbridge.

However there are millions of the public who are not ruled, like the government, by financial gain. Local wildlife trusts, National Trust, and a myriad of other groups at local and national level campaign for the environment before counting groups like Greenpeace and Frinds of the Earth. The Tories tend to write off the young as a lost cause – this is interesting in many ways. The young are, hopefully idealistic – worried sick about the future, full of energy and ideas – why would they vote for tired old privileged pratts?

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