Then Duncan-Smith gets £25000 a year by a company which provides 92% of non-alcohol sanitiser (and whose profits have soared by 600%). Remember that it is the tax payer who provided the money to pay for the sanitiser in the first place. How many more firms received government contracts without proper scrutiny, and whose contacts were proposed by MP’s receiving money from them. Maybe Geoffrey Cox is practising for when government officials get prosecuted for corruption?

A prediction – Johnson will be in overdrive hyping COP26 as the most important event since Adam shagged Eve. Anything to divert attention from his tawdry government. I also wonder where the Civil Service is in this carbuncle of corruption? Presumably they have a role in advising ministers? So they must be tainted with corruption themselves or total blind incompetence?

I just read that Steve Brine says he is not acting as a lobbyist for health firms, but as a strategic advisor for £1666 a month. I wonder what special skills he has to warrant that sort of money (and remember he has a full time job as an MP). The list goes on and on. The only non-tory I have seen on the list is the leader of the Lib-Dems who justifies he money by saying it helps provide for his disabled child. Sorry this argument does not wash anymore than Paterson claiming the inquiry into his finances contributed to his wife’s suicide. Or even anymore than the argument that MP’s who were doctors contributed to the understanding of the impact of Covid on the NHS. As the government seemed to have less idea than a budgie in a nuclear power plant, that is not a great recommendation. If the doctors had been asked to enlist due to national crisis that would have been ok.

And a thought – how many Tory MP’s have HGV licences? Perhaps they should have special training and given a two week sabbatical to drive to places like Budapest and Warsaw to speed up the supply chain for Christmas? Or, guessing that they have all been double jabbed with boosters too, they could be sent to NHS hospitals to help with the shortfall in porters and cleaners. THEY OBVIOUSLY HAVE TIME TO SPARE.

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